Welcome to the 2023 Oral History Summer Institute!

We are excited you have chosen to be part of the 3rd annual Oral History Summer Institute course. 

The Oral History Summer Institute is designed for participants to get hands-on experience with oral history project design, recording technology, and interview techniques. Whether you are starting your first oral history project, or you are ready to enhance your skills as an oral history interviewer, the Summer Institute‚Äôs combination of instructional, workshop, and feedback sessions has something to offer participants at a variety of levels and interests. The Institute welcomes anyone interested in oral history, including family historians and genealogists, public/community historians, researchers, community organizers, students, and aca

Welcome to the University of Lethbridge Conservatory of Music Theory Program

This course covers the material necessary to write the Royal Conservatory exam for Level 5 Theory. The required textbook is Level 5 Celebrate Theory, and the pre-recorded video lessons allow the student to progress through the course at their own pace. Our experienced instructor makes the lessons engaging and accessible to both children and adults.

In Level 5 Theory, students will come to understand elements of pitch and notation, rhythm, scales and key signatures, melody and composition, intervals, music history, chords and harmony, form and analysis, and musical terms.

The Level 5 course includes a thorough review of concepts covered in previous levels of RCM theory, which makes it possible for a student to use this course as a point of entry to their music theory studies, provided they have experience gained through vocal or instrumental lessons.